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TabQuik v4.6 from Tab of Memphis


The TABQUIK product family gives you everything you need to produce and apply high-quality color-coded file folder labels-from label printing software to printers to label applicators, even the labels themselves.

Whether you wish to color-code floppy disks, backup tapes, videos, books, three-ring binders, or file folders, use TABQUIK software to take advantage of the filing control provided by color-coding. This easy-to-use software allows you to print an appropriate color-coded label in nearly any color scheme, you can even include European or unique characters. The software allows you to adjust the position of the color image on your label, making it simple to use different output devices for label printing.

TAB gives you tremendous flexibility for deploying TABQUIK within organizations of any size. The product is available in the following versions:

  • TABQUIK offers a single user version with unlimited printing rights.
  • The multi-seat version is an economical way to provide printing rights to multiple users.
  • The Personal Pak offers 105 labels per pak.

TABQUIK brings the power of desktop computing, color printing devices and automated label attaching equipment to a task that has been labor intensive and now can become a powerful new tool for managing valuable corporate records and information.

File Tracker™ for Windows


Total File Control! Something every organization would like to achieve but seldom does. Version 6.0 of TAB's popular file tracking solution brings this closer to reality. Files move throughout the organization. Departments utilize them in workflow schemes. Someone in the organization needs the file and this seems to bring entities to its knees!

FileTracker's built-in support for barcodes and barcode readers, including portable lasers and contact wands, means item tracking is completely automatic. Using barcode readers, you can instantly check items in or out or transfer them to a new location with no manual data entry, thereby saving time and improving accuracy. FileTracker supports both Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes. FileTracker even includes a transparent link to TABQUIK so you can print color-coded labels with barcodes.

FileTracker 6.0. a true 32-bit application, can generate reports in printed or electronic format, including Excel and HTML. Reports can be emailed or posted on the Web.

FileTracker 6.0 comes in two configurations:

FileTracker LE

FileTracker LE is ideal for medium sized businesses with 10,000 to 100,000 files. It allows you to track two types of items-usually files and boxes. Users can easily customize data fields and quickly find current item locations. Experienced TAB Systems Engineers provide on-site installation and administrator training to help you get up and running quickly and efficiently. FileTracker LE may be upgraded to FileTracker XL and options are available to increase capability.

FileTracker XL

FileTracker XL is ideal for organizations with 100,000 to 800,000 files whose files are critical to their business operations. You can use this product to track at least four types of items. This product is extensively customizable. Experienced Systems Engineers provide thorough pre-installation process review as well as system installation and training to ensure that your implementation meets your exacting requirements.

TABQUIK Label Applicator from Tab of Memphis

Label Applicator

If you wish to save time and more accurately position your labels, TAB's patented TABQUIK Applicator can automatically attach and wrap TABQUIK labels around the top or side edge of a folder. You can use the Applicator with most folders without having to remove their contents (up to 1/2" of material).

The Applicator is available in three versions:

  • The Standard Version for "TAB-cut" files. Includes "automatic mode" for faster label application.
  • The DF version allows you to attach labels near the bottom of the folder and is particularly useful for applying labels to pocket and half-sized folders.
  • The EU version is designed for organizations outside North America that require special paper supplies.

E-mail General Information & Orders:

Tab of Memphis • 8826 Old Craft Rd., Suite #G • Olive Branch, MS, 38654
Phone 1-866-366-9777 • FAX 901-794-3642

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