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TAB solutions pull together technology, professional consulting services, supplies and equipment and apply them in an integrated way to solve a customer’s specific needs.

TAB provides a complete line of filing supplies, each of which can be used alone or in combination with other TAB products, systems, and services.Our highly skilled and experienced representatives can custom design solutions which most effectively utilize our broad range of products to meet the customer’s needs--whatever the industry or application.

New technologies have a huge impact on the way business is done. Software tools have been developed to increase efficiency in all areas of business.

TAB's Software Solutions provide fast and assured success to your critical information. TAB delivers ways to automate labor intensive document management tasks so that you may quickly and easily organize, control, and find your critical documents.

End Tab Folders

The building blocks of TAB 's record management systems, end tab file folders are the most efficient way to organize, classify and protect records and valuable information. These folders add general application value across a wide variety of industries. They are ideally suited to any records application where frequent file retrieval is necessary. These folders are an integral part of many of the custom conversion and consolidation solutions we design for situations such as mergers and acquisitions. Like all TAB services and products, end tab folders accommodate a multitude of requirements, because they are offered in a variety of materials, sizes and weights: manila, colored and kraft paper stocks in letter, legal, and metric sizes. We can easily custom design folders for special applications; with thickness ranging from 11pt to 14pt and 18pt., TAB has the right folder for you.
end tab file folders color coded from tab of memphis
Convenience and efficiency are epitomized in the design of TAB folders. The front panel of every folder is scored to allow it to accommodate anywhere from a few pages to many documents.

The folder is undercut, providing high visibility to the information on the tab. The tab itself is reinforced to add strength and embossed with guidelines that ensure quick, accurate label application. Folder corners are rounded to avoid bending and fraying and assure that the contents will remain intact and in good condition.

Roll Labels

Color -coded labels are the keys to TAB 's more efficient systems. Color is the control tool. Color coding different types of information makes it possible to prevent costly misfiles, and being able to search using color as a cue can reduce search time. The eye is immediately led to a concentrated search area, eliminating up to 40% of the search time required in searching files that are not color coded.

No matter how files are currently organized, or what the plan is to reorganize them, TAB has a colored label system that will work. TAB labels are designed to streamline work flow, using the color as a key to any set of criteria, from simple numerical and alphabetical systems, to systems of classification based on more specific criteria such as renewal date, district code, department, location, policy type, etc. These labels form the backbone of many of our solutions for the insurance industry, as well as the financial field.

Classification Folders

Classification folders allow information to separated into as many as 6 categories within each file folder. They are ideal for documents such as personnel files, case files, contracts, financial reports, case histories, etc.-- any sort of documentation which requires, or might benefit from such categorization.

TAB 's Classification Folders combine sturdy construction with practical design. The durable construction ensures that up to two inches of documents in a folder will be protected reliably, and that the separate categories will remain separate for the life of the file. The 1/3-cut tab on each divider provides easy visual reference to the distinct categories within each file, while full-cut end tabs or top tabs on the files themselves allow them to be integrated seamlessly into any of TAB 's color-coded systems.

Expansion Pockets

Splitting documents into more than one folder is the only way most file folders can accommodate 500- and 1000-page documents. TAB expansion pockets solve this problem. TAB 's Expansion Pockets come in 2-, 4-, and 5-inch sizes, allowing lengthy documents to be stored intact in one sturdy folder. Expansion pockets are perfect for situations such as the high volume of documentation generated by the legal industry. No more file folders straining to contain huge documents!

Expansion pockets are constructed with longevity and convenience in mind. Built with durable, tear-resistant materials, they are enclosed on three sides to prevent the loss of important documents. The full-cut end tabs allow these high-capacity files to be color-coded and seamlessly integrated with the other files in any TAB system.


When navigating our roadways and neighborhoods, we rely on street signs to help us find what we are seeking. TAB file Guides are the street signs of TAB filing systems. Guides help users quickly locate the areas they wish to search, and then the Color -coding leads them to the exact file they are looking for.

To best meet a client's requirements, TAB offers a comprehensive line of filing system guides in various styles and materials. Outguides in vinyl and paper provide additional clarity to records management programs by indicating that particular records have been removed and reside with someone within a business
(and Filetracker® tells exactly where the file is!).

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