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Mobile Records Storage Stationary Records Storage Flexibility is vital to good records management, and having the flexibility to choose between stationary or mobile records storage, or to use a combination of storage methods is one of the advantages of TAB systems. Mobile Records Storage Mobile shelving systems have proven to be the most efficient system for filing and use of storage space available. Maximizing this efficiency requires know-how to create the all-important balance between capacity and accessibility. TAB provides the largest array of mobile systems in the market today, and our staff has years of expertise in making those systems work.
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Side-Trac® high-density storage concept makes TAB cabinets even more space efficient. Cabinets are arranged in two compact rows. The front cabinets glide from side to side on wheels, creating access to the cabinets in back. Rails and carriages install right on the existing floor (no expensive deck needed) with leveling capabilities not found in look-alikes. Because it is easy to install, it's simple to relocate, time after time. When storage space is disappearing, come to TAB for solutions.

Tab-Trac® Tab-Trac is a high-density mobile storage system that uses carriages on tracks to create aisles only where and when they are needed. Because Tab-Trac mobile systems eliminate the need for fixed aisles, they yield up to 100% greater storage capacity. TAB-TRAC systems are custom-made for each application. Skilled TAB professionals assess requirements and translate them into a plan of action that best uses all available design options.

Among the available TAB-TRAC systems are the following:

Manual Systems: The least expensive means of relocating file ranges to create aisle access, movement in manual systems is provided by pulling on a simple handle. This method is best suited to small, lightweight applications.

Mechanical Assist Systems: Allowing larger ranges of stored materials to be economically and easily moved, movement in mechanical assist systems is accomplish movement by turning a handle. Gear ratios provide proper balance between weight-moving ability and speed of movement.

Electrical Systems: Allowing heavy weights to be moved automatically and permitting easy access, electrical systems use motors to drive carriage movement at the touch of a button,. TAB provides numerous options and safety features that create a system that is safe and easy to operate.

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