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color coded file and filing supplies for your office

Company Profile

TAB of Memphis is an authorized representative of The TAB Product Co. We have been serving our clients for over 20 years. The TAB Product Co. has been around some 50+ years and was the pioneer of the color coded filing system. With that behind us and other innovative products to help our customer be more organized, while saving precious office space, we have become a much needed source for many companies.

We believe good service is a key to good business. We try to provide each customer with a unique solution to the challenges they face. Our consultants have been trained to analyze, survey and recommend cost effective solutions for our clients. We hold purchasing contracts with many Fortune 500 Corporations, as well as we do not forget the small clients that help us maintain our volume.

TAB Product Co. has the experience you need with $160 million in annual sales and GSA pricing available for many of our products, we are equipped to handle your business.

TAB has the right product to meet YOUR specialized requirements!

And, just in case TAB doesn't stock the exact product or size you need, we offer custom-made products that can be tailored to fit your business application, perfectly.

color coded file and filing supplies for your office

Tab Product Features

The links below are just a few examples of what we have to offer! Click the image or the word for more information. Please visit our Updated New Products (click me) page and order today!

FileTracker - keep track of your color coded files
Color coding supplies for your filing
office furniture - buy a piece or redo your whole office
Filetracker v6.0FileTracker v6.0 from Tab of Memphis color coded filing suppies
spacefinder file cabinets to store your color code files and file folders
mobile filing systems
custom designed offices
Mobile Systems

TAB's Ten Colors that Changed Everything! - color coded file suppliesColor Blocks Speed Search
By knowing the color combination of the area sought, it is simple to scan thousands of files in minutes without stopping to read a single number or letter---reducing the search to a small, significant area.
You Save Up to 40% of your Filing Time with Color
This tremendous gain in efficiency results from the fact that recognizing color is faster than reading numbers or letters. Each file is coded with a series of color bars.
Misfiles are Virtually Eliminated
An out-of-place folder will "flag" itself by interrupting the color block. This permits rapid correction by refiling the folder into the "visually correct" location where it belongs.
Does your organization need a document management solution? TAB develops complete solutions customized for your needs, whether for a single department or your entire enterprise. We get to know your business-your structure, your objectives, your challenges-from the inside out. We develop a formal proposal, outline a set of processes, and help you choose products that help your entire enterprise store, manage, and use information more effectively than ever before.
tab of memphis your source for color coding and filing supplies

Contact Information

Call, Fax or Email for our best quote. We ship nationwide or Internationally. Thank you for your orders! We are located in Memphis, Tennessee. If you plan to be in the area please call for an appointment. We will gladly visit you.
Tab of Memphis
8826 Old Craft Rd., Suite #G
Olive Branch, MS, 38654

PHONE - 1-866-366-9777

FAX - 901-794-3642

E-mailemail: General Information & Orders: - discount prices on custom file folders
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 New ProductsFiletrackerColor-CodingFurniture
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