How are skinny burgers so lean yet so tasty and juicy?

Here's how Bradley's prepares skinny burgers:

1st, Bradley pan-broils a lean and fresh burger. Pan-broiling is the cooking method that extracts the most fat from uncooked beef.

2nd, Bradley char-grills your skinny burger which adds the smoky flavor and texture.

3rd, Your skinny burger is served quickly so it's still hot, fresh, and juicy.


Bradley's Skinny Burgers are so good yet leaner than traditional chain store burgers. Here are some examples:

  • 1/4 lb burger cooked the "skinny way" is a minimum 12.5% leaner than traditional broiling.
  • 1/3 lb burger cooked the "skinny way" is 16.5% leaner than traditional broiling
  • 1/2 lb burger cooked the "skinny way" is 25% leaner than traditional broiling
  • 2/3 lb burger cooked the "skinny way" is 33% leaner than traditional broiling
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