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    Welcome to Mel's Macintosh Universe

    Slide show of Macs and Apples I own, used to own and want to own.

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    Publisher's Note: Updates to this site have been discontinued. I now maintain a newer blog site called Mel's Macintosh Universe and you can find it here:

    Thanks to for hosting this original site, which will remain here as an archive to older information regarding Macs that I have used and owned. Some of the content from this site have also been incorporated to the blog site. Thanks for stopping by.

    Your Old Macintosh is Still Useful.

    Don't fall for the marketing hype into buying that shiny new Intel based Macintosh. Most Macintosh models running on the G3, G4 and G5 Power PC chips still have a lot of life and power in them. Even older Power PC Macs utilizing the 604 or 603 family of procssors can be kept in service doing specific tasks that they were built for. This website is not about the latest and greatest even though we still lust after the newest Macs. However most of us don't have the funds to run out to the Apple Store and buya new Mac every year.

    This website (like many others) focuses on some of the Macs you own now that are either in regular use or closet sitters. Time to come out of the closet, great old Macs.

    Mel's Macintosh Universe concentrates on selected Macintosh computers that the site author (me) owns or have used in the past. My current Macintosh is a Power Mac G4 "Quicksilver" 733 tower. Since buying it brand new in 2001, it still remains my everyday workhorse that I use for website creation and maintenance, internet email, websurfing, audio & video streaming, blogging, desktop publishing, image editing, CD burning, backup and more. The Quicksilver is a dual booter, which spends about 99% of its time booted into Mac OSX. When needed, I can still boot into Mac OS 9.2. This is a great machine that can handle most tasks with aplomb.

    I also have a 700 mhz G3 iBook running both OSX and OS 9.2 with built in wireless. It is one of the last dual of the booting Macs, and is the main computer I use whenever I am away from my home office. It does nearly everything the Quicksilver can do including stream audio, burn CDs, surf the web and more.

    In an effort to clear my home of some of the clutter, I had to dispose some of my older Macs. My once powerful and glorious Powercenter 150 Mac Clone is with me no more. It was given away to a computer geek who wanted to turn it into a Linux box. My old Macintosh SE which I used for a few years was given away to a person who needed an old computer to run his old address book software. Other Macs had to be disposed of after being disused for a long time. These included my long gone Macintosh Centris 650, one of the 2 Macintosh IIsi's, a big old Mac II, and a Macintosh Quadra 610.

    From my older Mac collection, I still have a Power Macintosh 9500 tower, Powerbook 3400 and a Macintosh Plus. The 3400 is quite a rugged computer and is used mainly as a Unix terminal, Write-Now word processor, and a Telefinder access terminal. The Power Mac 9500 is currently unplugged and used as a stand for my DSL modem and router. The Mac Plus is in storage but is occasionally brought out once in a while to run old software, and check old hardware.

    I also own 4 iPod music players. My main player is a 4th generation iPod Photo, 40GB model. I also own a green 4GB iPod Nano, 2 first generation 512 MB iPod Shuffles and a recently acquired pink iPod Mini. The iPods can be mated to either my Power Mac G4 or iBook G3 for song transfer and management. iPods are great little music players for anyone on the go or even at home. Besides the iPods I have a growing number of digital cameras which are used with my Macs on a number of projects.

    As for the Macintosh platform itself, I've been a regular user of Macs since 1988 and have used every operating system published by Apple since System 3.2. The best operating systems for your Macintosh depends on age. My favorites are System 6.08, Mac OS 7.6.1, Mac OS 8.6, Mac OS 9.2.2 and of course the best, Mac OS X. All newer Macs run on some version of Mac OSX.

    You can find me at the RetroMacCast website where I have a few more Mac items posted and on my own website which leads to several others that I publish, all from the confines of a Mac. Apples are wonderful. Use them forever!

    Check Out My Apple Macintosh & iPod Photos on Flickr

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