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Macintosh Centris 650
One of the Best 68040 Macs Ever

Centris 650
My Centris is hooked up to my APS 345 MB hard drive, an old Ehman 45 removeable and a zip drive. On top of the APS is my Palm III, which is connected to my Power Mac G4/733 QS.


After my Quadra 610 died early last summer, I put myself in the marketplace for another 68040 based Macintosh. After checking the classified ads several times, I was lucky enough to find a Centris 650 which the owner let go for only $20. It originally came with a crappy keyboard and an ugly monitor. I replaced those with the better keyboard, monitor and mouse I was using with my 610.

Now I have a very decent 68040 computer to use for running out my old Pagemaker files, keeping my database files, and of course playing old games. I also use the Centris for connection to the internet via a 14.4k modem. This I use strictly for email and newsgroup reading. It can do the web, but I have faster computers to do that.

Apple built this computer for about 6 months in 1993. It was succeeded by the Quadra 650, which had a slightly faster processor and stayed in production up to 1994.

There is a lot that you can do with an old Centris or Quadra class computer. Using older software, these computers are good workhorses for basic desktop publishing and art projects. You can write web pages with these, do word processing, keep databases, play older games and listen to midi files and watch older Quicktime movie files.

While the Centris/Quadra series can run Mac OS up to version 8.1, I have chosen to keep mine running on System 7.5.5. I may upgrade at a later time to 7.6.1. and possibly even try installing one of the 68k based Linux operating systems.. now that would be an adventure.

Configuration of Mel's Macintosh Centris 650.

    Apple Macintosh Centris 650
    Motorola 68040 @ 25mhz
    50 MB of RAM memory (upgraded 9-2002)
    Internal Quantum Fireball 540MB Hard Drive
    CD ROM 4x Apple (replaced 9-2002)
    1 internal 1.4MB floppy disc drive
    Apple ADB Keyboard #2
    Built in appletalk networking
    Ports: SCSI, modem, printer, sound out and in ports
    Ethernet AAUI Built In

UPDATE JUNE 2004: Current status of this machine is down. Still works but CD ROM drive re-install never went right. Item is up for sale/give away.

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