Macintosh System 6

Here is a System 6 screenshot with the Notepad desk accessory and the "About the Finder" information box which you can access from the Apple Menu. The finder information box presents the user with information about the Macintosh. This window has been a component of the Mac OS since its earliest days and up to OS 9.2. Macintosh OS X also features a version of this box.

OS 6 with open window
Early Macintoshes including all of the black and white compact Macs and several Macintosh II models featured the capability to run two floppy drives. In the case of most compact Macs, this involved setting up an external 800k floppy drive that was available through Apple. The component based Macintosh II had 2 floppy drives built into its case. The Macintosh IIsi, IIcx and IIci all featured a floppy drive port for the purpose of connecting an external 800k drive. The two floppy discs showed up on the desktop of System 6 (above) and System 7 on these versatile old Macs. Also shown in this view is the Puzzle desk accessory and an open folder displaying icons for older games.


The Smiley Mac icon
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